Who is Mamajean?

Nestled in rustic farm country of Northern Illinois, a middle-aged mommy is solving world problems, one cup of tea at a time. Most of her life is covered in plaid, containerized in bins or adorned in baskets. Once a former homeschool mommy, she is now delighting in new pursuits, including helping people become more healthy through massage and pilates.  If you are local to Northern Illinois, you can check out her business page here. Her office looks just like a Christmas tree farm, which makes it very in season for at least 3 months of the year, and incredibly awkward thereafter. I mean rustic. Very rustic all year round. 


At one point, she worked as a professional organizer/contractor and organizing blogger. This made her face the reality that she wasn’t actually organized—just always in the process of constantly “getting organized”. Believe it or not, you can help people do almost anything while you ride alongside of them in the journey. Life is about relationships—not containers. 

Friendships are forged in the battle, not after the finish line. In other words, we don’t have to be perfect to find success. Success is defined individually and it is rarely accompanied by perfection. That’s good, or we’d all be a hot mess. And technically I am, but that’s not your problem. 

Speaking of imperfection, Mamajean is a teacher by training and managed a brief 24-year career in homeschooling her four oldest children. She enjoyed teaching other people’s children creative writing. Her children have remained relatively unscathed by the experience—at least that’s what their therapists tell me. They are off pursuing adult interests like grad school, marriage, babies and learning to cook.  Seriously, how do they not know how to cook? 


Mamajean is married to a left-brained engineer type (Will), who graciously has survived 28 years of marriage with her and even claims to have a happy life.  Their youngest daughter is still at home and attends a local Christian school . . . which means homeschooling was too easy for her and I was really OK with that.  


Mamajean does a lot of crazy stuff and would like to share some of it with you.  Everything from self-care to recipes to DIY projects—there’s a lot of things here.  But mainly, she just needs an outlet to be weird. and wild. and plaid. and this is it. Thanks for reading. I should be paying you to be here.