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thoughts on first child going to college..

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

Our oldest son, Jamie, just finished his first year of college and is home already.  As far as I can tell, he had a wonderful experience (away from home) and going to a school in a different state.  I know not every child is ready to leave the nest directly after high school (especially after being homeschooled the whole time), but our Jamie was ready times 36..  He was ready to go a year before he left home, but we kept our children on the traditional high school/ college schedule.

After weighing the strengths and weaknesses of sending a child off to college early, we just opted for the traditional time table.  I think he was capable of handling college level material at around the 8th or 9th grade, but it didn’t make sense (for us) to do it that way.  We had wonderful resources through our homeschool co-op to challenge him academically, as well as socially.   So, his final G.P.A. has not hit the email inbox yet, but I am expecting he did pretty well overall.  

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