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25 Random things about me

My best blogging buddy, Mrs. Parunak, is giving all of her readers a chance to write 25 random things about ourselves.  So, thanks for the great idea.  If you are a reader and want to participate, consider yourself tagged.  Put a link in the comment section, and I’ll come and read yours too.

1. I love people.  You probably already know that.  By the grace of God, I can not say that I have any ill will toward anyone.  

2. I adore my husband.  He is as different from me as any two people can hope to be, but that’s the beauty of it, I guess.  I particularly think he is very patient.  

3. My kids are awesome.  They are fun to be around, especially when we don’t have time constraints.

4. I teach pilates three times a week.  I enjoy the exercise and the social interaction with people.

5. I teach two English classes at Hallstrom, our homeschool co-op.

6.  I love all the kids I teach, just like they were my own.  

7. I love my kids’ friends.  They are my kids too. 

8. I love the outdoors, especially bird watching.  

9. The garden I had last year was my first successful garden.

10. I am looking forward to spring and planting another garden.

11. I am happy with the number of children I have and feel a sense of completion.

12. I love to travel internationally.

13. I’m not afraid to go exploring alone, if I have to.

14. I am not planning to write a book, but I will probably end up with one, eventually.

15. I do almost everything fast.

16. I’m not a perfectionist, but most things turn out pretty well.

17. I love building tents in the livingroom.

18.  I love a fire in the fireplace and lit candles.

19.  I’m not fond of: french toast, skittles, creamed corn, or butterfingers.

20. I love sharing the Gospel.  

21. I frequently enjoy “spontaneous hospitality” at our home. 

22. I love garage sales and thrift stores.

23. I like taking naps.

24. I have a hard time sitting still.

25.: I love orange, even though people say that orange is a hard color to wear. This is a sweater I bought today at the thrift store!!  


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