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39 things to do while I’m still 39!

Yes, It’s that time of year again!  I don’t know anyone who enjoys her birthday quite like I do!  I think it’s just a good reason to go out to lunch with friends, or go to the mall with my kids.  

So, I turn 39.  I have one big year until the big 40.  I have fond recollections of my mother having “ballistic” goals like finishing her masters degree, learning bridge and fitting into a size 8 before she turned 40..  maybe that’s where I get this “driven” personality complex?  Either way, its better to embrace each new stage of life than to bemoan it.  So I’m older!  Is that so bad?  Mom also says that people work out their personality kinks when they turn 40.  

At the moment, I can hardly think of five things that need to get done before I’m 40.  Let’s see here….

1.  I guess I’d like to start making some money from my internet/blogging adventures.  I know I need to research this, but people actually do get paid to write.  What could be more fun than that?  

2. I’d like to get some pilates teaching training.  I currently teach a pilates class at the Y, but I have no formal training.  So, that is something do-able.

3.  I would like to write in my Bible-reading journal more often (5/7 days a week).  My friend got my started on journaling more, and you really do get more out of the reading when you take notes.  

Well, that’s a start.  I fear that if all 39 of my goals were that ambitious, it would not only take the entire 39th year to accomplish them, but it might take 39 years to accomplish them.  In the meantime, I am so thankful to the Lord Jesus for giving me this day with my children and being with DH as he is traveling in a strange land. 

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