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6 Random things I’ve learned recently…

I’ve been tagged by: Mrs. Parunak of Titus 2 to list 6 things I’ve learned recently.  Here are my mid-life learnings.. in full color.

1. Just because a 3 year-old child says she wants to grow her hair out, there really is nothing to control the exact timing of when that will change.  After finding the clippings of her blonde locks on the bathroom floor, I learned that.. “I’ve been wanting my hair to be cut for FOUR days!”  So, now, her forehead looks like a peacock, since she never told US she wanted her hair cut AND she took care of business “all by her own self.. “

2.  On a more reverent note, I was reading today in Hebrews 11 that Moses’ parents were commended for their lack of fear.  It made me wonder how many of my parenting decisions are fear based, rather than faith based?  

3.  As political elections heat up around here, I have learned that really any political candidate can take credit for this.  (Lower gas prices)  

4.  These may look like scallops, but I learned this week that they are actually “chicken”, according to my four year old.  (If she calls anything chicken, that means she likes them) Who wudda thunk?

5.  Renta-yenta.  I finally learned what a Yenta is.  All of these years I’ve thought a Yenta was a Jewish match-maker.  She’s just a busybody gossip.  If I have been a matchmaker in the past, does that mean I was just a busybody?  

6.  Some lessons are best learned by reading and not experiencing.  Unfortunately, this lesson we had to learn first hand.  If you are in Chicago and trying to save money by parking on the street, don’t!  The $20.00 you would have spent parking does NOT compare to the $160.00 towing fee, AND the $100.00 traffic violation of parking too close to a fire hydrant.  

Yup.  (don’t forget the taxi fee to the pound) 


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