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Updated: Feb 20, 2020

I’m finally getting to putting up some posts from our Mediterranean honeymoon trip.  Our first stop was Rome, or Roma, as they call it.  

Although our cruise was all over the Med, it started in Rome, so we arrived here a day prior to the trip and were able to see one major site.  I really wanted to see the Colosseum.

 We went on an English tour and tried to learn as much as we could in the short few hours that we were there.

 It is estimated that over a million people died in this building during its heyday.  I honestly felt like I was standing on holy ground.

 When people say that the debauchery of our country rivals that of ancient Rome, I am not sure we are there yet.

 People were killed in this auditorium for the mere purpose of giving others pleasure of seeing a gruesome battle.

 And if that did not satisfy their needs, there were plenty of orgies and other forms of wickedness going on below the main events.  I can only imagine what it would be like to be a true believer during this time of history.  Probably the safest place for avoiding sin would be in the mouth of lion–not that I am advocating bringing back such atrocities.

 More photos from Julius Caesar’s Forum area.

 A “gladiator” who was a large part of the colosseum events.

History speaks, do we listen? 


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