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A few good reasons to get organized this summer

Updated: Feb 24, 2020


1. G: Going places.. It’s so hard to get out of the door with the impossible search for keys, water bottles, a purse, diaper bag, snacks, extra clothes and coloring books. There’s no getting around the fact that you’ll need to round up the stuff, but having to search for things is a real pain.

2.E: Energy.. It’s takes so much energy being disorganized. It’s like, you look at all the clutter and think, “Why did I get up this morning?” It zaps all the life out of us.

3. T: Time..Yes, it takes time to organize. It takes even more time to look for stuff. Either way, there’s time spent. What’s more fun for you? Being empowered by choosing locations for things or going on yet another “hunt”???

4. O: Order.. Not that we can control much in this life, but what we can control, let’s be all in charge of it. Even if it’s dryer lint. At least you are in charge of it, and it is not in charge of you. We can order our lives more than we realize. I don’t think God ordains us to be control freaks, but a good balance of accepting what comes and in charge of what is our due.

5. R: Realistic.. All of those organizing books can get our brains goofy, if we read too many of them. What is order for you? and your life? It may not look like someone else’s, but it doesn’t have to. Some people function well with a lot of stuff. Others need to have less just in order to function. If you have a lot going on, you probably have a lot of stuff. So, I hope that if you have a lot of stuff, you like to organize a lot of stuff.

6. G: Game.. If you have children, you need to make a game of getting and staying organized. Having a place for everything is actually fun. It gives children a sense of accomplishment and pride because the task is doable.

7. A: Awesome: Your home is awesome just because it is yours. Treat it like you love it and it is God’s gift. He’ll help you get going with it.

8. N: Nonsense: Eliminate the nonsense in your life, and the items that go with it, and it will feel much less cluttered.

9. I: Intuition: Trust your intuition on this. Don’t just start tossing everything out the window. There’s plenty of room for getting rid of things later. Keep some things that are special to you.

10. Z: Zeal: Embrace the zeal and good feelings that come with organizing.

11. E: Entertaining: and hospitality are one of the main reasons why I had to get organized. I love having people over, and it is very tough when you are drowning in stuff.

12. D: Delight in your happy home! The kids, husband seem so much happier when mama is happy.

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