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A few tears and then moving on..

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

As a Mom, you want your children to succeed. I’ve always encouraged the kids to reach for their dreams without ever saying “you can’t”. So, when a disappointment comes, I cry for them.

The rejection letter came today from USAFA. Just last night, I was telling Will that I really felt like God was not going to send Jamie to USAFA. The Michigan Tech option was, in my mind, the better option. Nevertheless, in man’s eyes, the academy is the creme de la creme, the cat’s meow, the top notch option.

We all sat watching Jamie as he opened the letter, knowing it was a rejection letter–since it came in the form of a letter. If it were an acceptance, it would have been a phone call. Still, it was possible that it wasn’t a rejection.

Knowing how much he wanted this! Knowing how hard this must be! And yet, seeing (through the eyes of a mother) that the other option (Michigan Tech) was probably better for him!

He didn’t cry, or yell or even show signs of being upset. No problem. I cried for him. He’s out on a run now–processing in his own way. I’m so proud of him! In two days, he turns 18. He’ll probably feel 36, after all of this growing up he’s had to do this year. And yet, God is Sovereign.

It’s all in his perfect plan. And I have such a peace. I love that little man of mine. When they get to the age where a mom’s hug won’t heal their wounds, we can cry and pray and hug them anyway. And it’s all good. He serves the same God I serve, and that is all he needs.


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