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A new blog--a new normal

What a better time to launch a new blog than in the middle of a pandemic, global crisis, economic downturn and household chaos? yeah. I thought so also. To be fair, I already had this blog up and started WAY before the crisis. In fact, some of my posts go almost 12 years back when I wrote under a different title, the Organizing Mommy. If you were a reader from before, you may still be able to locate some of the old posts.

Even though I was all set to go under this new format, for some reason I was waiting to start this blog. I wanted it to be fresh. happy. alive. encouraging. And it will be.

But, I just have to honest with you, I am struggling just as much as anyone during this COVID 19 crisis. I, like you, am waiting for things to stop collapsing before I start building. As soon as I put away the broom, another area of my life needs sweeping.

And then I realized that it really is O.K. to grieve all that we have lost. Grieving takes time and energy. And then we need to go outside and quit grieving for a bit and take stock in what is left. And this may really be the "new normal"-- a series of grieving and rebuilding.. over and over again.

As I search for my new normal, I am looking for a way to serve those who would like to read this blog. I have several categories of interest--wellness, home organization, making friendships, homeschooling/ parenting, and recipes/ kitchen or crazy stories. What areas would you like to see information on? How may I serve you, my readers? Place a comment at the bottom, and let's do this thing!

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