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Already had my first sauna..

First France, then Pioneer Days and now.. the U.P. Do you think I ever stay at home anymore?

It’s not like I’m trying to go everywhere this fall, but it seems like that’s what I’m doing. My Mom and Dad live in the U.P. of Michigan (specifically Gwinn), and a few of the kids and I are taking a long weekend visit while my Dad is hunting in Newfoundland.. (another story). We just got here this evening, and Will and Jamie will arrive on Saturday.

So, Mom and I traveled the distance up to Gwinn–about 8 hours with meal stops. So far it’s: 1) Cold. It’s already down to 34* F–which is much colder than we’ve had in Rockford.

2) Hot. I already took my first sauna and poured about a bucket of water on the rocks…. aahhhh love it!

3) Just right. All the kiddos are in bed, and I’m about to join them.

Just thought I’d let you know that if I’m not able to reciprocate by visiting your blogs this week it’s because I’ll be posting but probably not surfing… (computer is very slow)

We came up here to catch some beautiful colors and scenery… hopefully we’ll be showing you some, as we can.

Something funny: As anyone who has traveled in the U.P. knows, you go can go for LONG distances without seeing another car, a house or anything except trees. So, as it starts to get dark, we need to find interesting ways to keep ourselves entertained and awake through the dark jungle with no street lights and nothing else on the road to look at.

So as it will be, Mom and I start telling stories. I told her, “Mom, you know how in the U.P., you have all of those funny signs on the sides of the road?”

She’s like, “no”

Me: “C’mon they’re everywhere. Let’s just keep looking for them..”

Sure enough, I couldn’t even find one of them. So, I reminded her of a funny advertisement on the side of the road that used to be in Rockford. It was a sign with a middle-aged beauty queen and it said, “hydroponics” with no explanation of anything. We all agreed it was weird and never knew what on earth it was even advertsing. Hydroponic tomatoes? Hydroponic.. what?

Mom: “So, what were they actually selling?” Me: “I think they were selling products so you could grow your own beer?” Mom: “Grow your own beard? What does that have to do with hydroponics? Do you stick your chin in a bowl of water for three months and then.. Viola– a beard?! “ Me: : “Beer! Grow your own beer!” Mom: “Brew your own beer, not grow it.” Growing a beer and brewing a beard… At this point, it was all a blur since I was laughing so hard, I could hardly see –the tears were streaming down my face.

Thankfully, the road was straight and long and the car stayed on the road, despite by trying to jerk it around with my laughter…. And I shall find those weird signs that I am looking for… I shall!


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