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Already organized.. what?

I think I have a mental illness. It looks like productivity but it’s really obsessive compulsive clutter control, OCCC for short.

So, like, it’s what? January 2nd/ dinner time. Two full days into the new year and I have not demonstrated anything close to a moderate/ sane organizing experience. I have been blitzing almost every waking moment, except for potty breaks and eating and the early morning Bible time.

So, let’s see…

Yesterday I

–organized the entire master bedroom, all closets, dressers and drawers and under the bed.

–cleaned/ organized hall closet and sorted all of those many hotel samples of shampoo, soap and lotion.

–combined all of the half empty shampoo bottles as well as the hotel samples into a big bowl and filled a huge pump bottle of shampoo for the kids’ shower. I wrote in big letters “SHAMPOO” and “Use this for Shampoo” in permanent marker all over it. ( I have boys, you know)

–worked in Will’s office, hauling out 3 huge bags of outdated reading material and junk that he was too sentimental to get rid of? whatever. Love the guy, but…

Today I

–cleaned the entire dungeon which was an all day job.

— Thought about going through some more paperwork, but just threw out some catalogs from 2004 and such… (office surplus)

–filled 2 big bags for donations and 2 big bags for trash

–made a list of all of the labels needed for the cleaned up “dungeon”

–combined all of the available lotions in a big bowl and washed and filled several “new” (newly cleaned out) containers. I give these away to my mother’s friends when they have spa parties.

–cleaned out under the bathroom sink/ organized, pitched etc.

and that’s it.

Incidentally, I am not planning on teaching any classes on how to be a “sane, moderate, slow-paced organizer”.. LOL. And if the adrenaline rush alone isn’t a reward in itself, I have also found some very cool things. Yes, right here in my own home, there are a few treasures to be found.

Cool things I have found:

A new pair of boots! I am not even sure where they came from. All I know is that they were possibly given to me or I got them from a garage sale. I think I’ll be “stylin'” in Chicago this week with my new boots.

Several dollars worth of change. We’ll spend the $$ on meals this week.

A very cool pair of socks!

So, technically, I made money this week! Not only did I NOT go shopping, I found treasures right here! Oh, life is good.

And for the rest of you who have OCCC, I wish you the best of success with your organizing adventures for the year. As for me, it is 7:30 p.m. I think I’ll take a hot bath and go to bed.


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