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Another school year starting!!

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

So, here we are–ready or not for our first big schooling day–properly clad in the uniform d’ Hallstrom: polo shirts and nice quality jeans/ skirts. Backpacks on and ready to roll.

Classes for Hudson, 9th grade “shortie” and light eater.. LOL.



Modern European History

World Literature

Ultimate Frisbee

Algebra I

Hey!! What’s this coconut cream pie doing here? Yum. OK. Non-sequitor.

Classes for Joanna, 11th grader and great inheritor of Jamie’s room..

American History


British Literature

Spanish 3

Advanced Art

and maybe.. Sign Language II. (needs a schedule re-work)

Schedule for “Than”–“smiley dude” and big 7th grader (almost 13 year old)


Roots (Vocabulary class)

Sound and Sense (Writing class)

Mideival and Reniassance History (how do you spell those words???!! ugh.)

Algebra 1/2 (Pre-Algebra, Saxon)

Sign Language I

Schedule for Emily: our kindergardener!!

Fabric Fun (a must-have, highly academic)

Animal Science (actually kind of high brow for this age group)

Elementary Art (she’s all about art!)

P.E. (we sort of missed this today, but 4 out of 5 isn’t too bad)

Literature around the world (think: hearing stories and doing crafts)

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