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Are you an Organizing Mommy?

1. Are you a mommy?

2. Are you trying to be organized?  at all?

3. O.K. then you’re an organizing mommy…

Organization isn’t like achieving an award that you can hang on a shelf.  It’s more like having a shelf that has room for an award, and it’s up to you whether or not you put it there each day.  

Organization isn’t running a long race and crossing the finish line.  It’s more like walking through the field and picking up wildflowers and deciding to put them in a vase rather than throw them on the ground

In life, it’s about all of the little things we do, stacked on top of each other like blocks, that make for an organized day or not.  

One good decision, like making your bed in the morning, can lead to another like putting your pajamas away and neatening up things as you go.

The same bad decisions, like putting off loading the dishwasher, can lead to another bad decision like ordering food out instead of cooking because you have no clean dishes.

Being organized is just a series of good decisions, actually carried out, rather than kept hidden.

Herein, is the reason for my little mission in the blogosphere: to motivate, persuade, and encourage in my own little way these small but meaningful good decisions that will lend themselves to being a most definitely organized mommy…    


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