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Baby Suzy

Updated: Feb 15, 2020

Meet Baby Suzy.  Way back in the year of 1970, a bald, blue-eyed little girl toddled around in a duplex in Gwinn Michigan, toting her Baby Suzy.  

Baby Suzy sat on the lap of the wondering eyed toddler, while she snuggled up on  mama’s lap, watching the black and white TV episodes of Sesame Street. 

Baby Suzy was loved down to the nubbins.  Her little pink-polka dotted sleeper was greyed with time, and drools.  She wasn’t even pink anymore when she left our home in tatters, several years later.

Until today.  I was at a garage sale, and guess what?  There was every kind of doll ever made represented there.  Baby Suzy was right there, waiting to be reunited with her curly-haired friend.  Her tag said, “Drowsy baby”, but we just called her “Suzy”.  For only $3.00, I was reunited with my first dolly.  

And it was only appropriate to introduce her to the family, since she’s been out of my life for so many years.  

 Suzy was thrilled to meet the other babies in the family.   Like a lot of things in life, everything you are supposed to have, eventually comes back to you.

And then, Lord willing, if I ever have grand-babies, they can play with Grandma Jena’s “Suzy” doll.

And to make it doubly special, my own Mother is visiting.  I tried to hide the doll behind my back, in order to surprise my Mom.  But she just got a glance at the pink sleeper.

“Oh!! It’s Baby Suzy!!!” and held her up to look at her pristine condition and give her a grandmotherly hug.

And now, I’m quite sure, that my Mother will be on a hunt for pink-polka-dotted sleepers for all of us to wear to celebrate her homecoming.

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