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Enjoying every minute of this flight..

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

So, we’re in Brussels, waiting to board the plane for Chicago.  And the gate keeps switching, the passengers were dragging their suitcases from here to there, and someone randomly asks what was going on or when we were going to get on or something like that.

So, I answered them.

“This is what is going to happen.  We are going to get our seats called, we’re going to board the plane, we’re going to get on, read the inflight magazine, get a snack, watch a movie, have a nap, have another meal, watch another movie, and eight hours later we’ll be in Chicago, and we’re going to like every minute of it!”

Well, this lady just laughed and laughed and asked me how many children I work with.  She was not at all surprised when she found out I had a large group of my own children and randomly parent anyone else’s child who needs it at the moment.

Later on in the flight, I found my friend.  I asked her if she had completed her checklist of things to do on the plane yet. I told her, “I really don’t like a flight that’s under eight hours.  It’s hard to get everything on my list done in less time..”

She just giggled every time I opened my mouth.

and I think her flight was enjoyable, if it wasn’t I didn’t give her permission to not “like every minute of it”!!

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