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Because the world is not perfect!

Today, my DH made it as far as Moscow.  He still has 15 hours worth of travel to go, but he did get a little sleep on the way.  He has a good attitude, but life is not perfect.  

Today, Hudbud loaded the dishwasher.  I know he did his 11 year old best, but not even half of them came out clean.  I ended up hand washing the stuff, and he put stuff away.  It wasn’t perfect.

Today, Robotdude had a robotics meeting/presentation and it was my stay at home day.  It’s not just a luxury to stay at home for an entire day, its a necessity.  I have to do laundry and house chores at some time.  So, Shawnman picked him up for all of their robot-related fun.  

The reason I’m writing about these things is that occasionally when you read blogs, it’s easy to think that everything is always perfect for blogwriter of the super-great-organized-mommy blogs.  I’m sorry if this has ever come across that way.  I have moments of greatness, just like you do.  But most of life is hum-drum or going from one chaos to the next.  Being organized is just part of the journey of survival.  At different stages of our lives, it means different things.

Ten years ago, being organized meant: doing laundry everyday, figuring out what to have for dinner, and doing school for an hour.  It also meant having places for the 10 million toys we had. 

Fifteen years ago, being organized meant having enough diapers in the house to make it to grocery day (we only had one car).  Trying not to get another breast infection–keeping nursing scheduled, and getting a nap once a day.  

Today, organized means all sorts of weird stuff–like checking in with my kids every so often to see how their school work is doing, making sure they do their laundry on the right day, trying to figure out where and when they have to be somewhere and getting them there, trying to get my workouts in, and making sure the preschooler doesn’t get lost in the shuffle.  It’s about making large quantities of food and having it on hand for meals and snacks at all times.  

But whatever it is or isn’t, it’s NOT about being perfect.  That is something only God can do.  So, we’ll let him do His job, and we’ll do ours.  


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