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Blessings 1-5

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

holy experience

What makes my life a blessing? What am I thankful for?

1. Handsome, almost 45-year-old engineer, Bible-scholar, who has graciously put up with my antics for almost 19 years. Even though you are shy, intelligent, and serious, you manage to find some degree of happiness with me–your flighty, spontaneous, hedgehog, blitzing, OCD, ADD, TMI wife. I can not imagine 30 seconds without you. You are worth more clean laundry than I give you. Thanks for ironing your own shirt last week, even though you got it out of the dirty pile and didn’t notice it was dirty until after you got to work. It’s love like that that makes a marriage strong (smelling).

And grown up daughters who can still act little.

Could there be any more sweetness in either one of you? I love you guys.

3. #1 son, James. Yes, he is a blessing to me. While he anxiously waits for his Air Force Academy appointment (or lack thereof), he is using his time wisely over spring break to finish his Physics modules, attend a faithful men’s Bible study retreat with his father, and talk with his parents late into the night. While all three of those things are important, as a mom, I am most thankful for the latter. (Yes, meaningful communication is my love language) And even though the talks were mainly about: “What kind of food do you want for your graduation party?”, It was significant. I need to keep reminding myself that just because a kid is leaving for college next year, it does not mean that we will no longer have any time for talking to him. Here is a pic from this year’s robotics season.

4. Mom visiting. Mom just got here on Friday. She just fits right in to whatever we are doing around here. As long as I do not leave her alone to “spontaneously feed the masses”, she’s fine. When I appear to have no plan whatsoever and invite a ton of people over for lunch, she calls that “spontaneous feeding of the masses”, and of course, we did that again today.

5. Sons. Nathanael (below) #3 son/ Even though you took a long walk with your buddy, Josiah last week right before I was going to call a blitz and managed to not come back for a very long time, you still are the cutest little man. I know you are frustrated that I took your dresser out of your bedroom and put it in the office. I know the bathroom near your room needs fixing. I know that life does not happen fast enough for you, and there’s never enough breakfast for your liking, thank you for putting up with us for now until we can get it together.

making my home sing/ and helping me to be thankful. Thankfulness is like a good medicine.

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