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Blessings 6-12

Updated: Mar 16

Let’s see.. blessings… If I have to come up with 1,000 of these things, I think I’ll just start with the obvious, like food.

6. So, blessing #6 is food. This is just basic homemade bread, nothing fancy or sprouted. I did grind the grain (or someone here did) and we just make it into little loaves. We had a guest one time who went on and on and on about the bread. And it’s nothing special. I think when people don’t get decent bread and then they finally get some, they are so taken up with it.

7. Guests. My Mom can hardly be considered a guest, since she is family. But she has been here for a little over a week, and it has been a blessing. She is such an active grandma, that I have freedom to hang out with her or go off and do something with Will.

(Yes, she and Joanna are closer in age than Jenny and I are, but that is just fine with me. I love all of Jojo’s friends! ) She is really into sprouting lentils and such. I’m about to get an education.

10. Spring Break! For the past two weeks, we’ve been on Spring Break, and it’s been a blast. We’ve had guests, been to the Science and Industry Museum in Chicago, relaxed, and been refreshed. Tuesday we are back to regular business.

11. Graduation party date is set for child #1. I think we have set on JUNE 12th for the big party.

12. Which means, we’ll be doing household repairs and fixing the basement bathroom. I guess the thought of having that bathroom fixed is a blessing, right?

So, this is what is making my home sing/ and helping me to be thankful. Thankfulness is like a good medicine.


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