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Blessings to ponder as I drift off to sleep

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

Yes, I love you too, sweetie.

Someone once told me that my blog had way too many pictures of Emily, and they are right. So, tell Jo to stop taking so many of them!

When the day is done, the sun has set, and the chicks are in their nests, and a mom finally puts her head down on her pillow. She looks around the room, even though the lights are off. It is still, quiet and calm. Some moms fall right to sleep. Not me.

I sit there and think about all the good things the Lord did that day, and how wonderful it is to be his child. And I ask God to keep my husband, and my children, my Mom and Dad and family to see one more day. There’s nothing quite like that feeling right before you drift off to sleep, savoring all the good things of the day, and wishing it would not change. I wish I could capture this day, this moment in my life and keep it. So, I choose right then and there to relive anythings that I fear I will lose by morning.

And I remind myself that it will take an eternity in heaven to live all that I’ve missed on earth, and I am fine with that. And I trust God. Earth wasn’t meant to be captured and savored. This isn’t the final story. This isn’t the climax on a good piece of literature. This is just the “pre-reading” activity, if you will. And I have permission to miss a few things. a lot of things.

And then, and only then, I go to sleep.

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