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Blitz-It Friday #1

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Jo-snazzer: Mommy, are you SURE you want to show the world how messy your bedroom is?

Me: I have to!! I have to show them that there’s hope–even if your bedroom gets out of control.

That is why I started doing the blitz. In my mind, there was NO WAY to get started on a project once it got out of control. I couldn’t get over the emotional hurdle of getting it started for fear that it would take ALL DAY.

Well, I’m here to tell you that most things take one hour–sometimes less! Most things take 20 minutes, but if you can work a little longer than your emotions normally tell you to work, you can get a lot more done by staying focused.

You can blitz for 10, 15, 30 minutes or an hour!

Here’s what I started with: a messy bedroom

I can not stand when my “haven” gets all messed up!!!

My blitz took a little over an hour. Here’s what I got done. (You’re going to love this!)

1. Made bed/ open blinds (Yes! I just start feeling more organized when those two things are done)

3. remove child’s sleeping bag from floor and put away.. (we have a ‘guest’ once in a while)

4. sort clean laundry

5. put away things to be ironed in ironing pile

6. remove all of the extra bags that were cluttering up the floor

7. starting from one side of the room and working to the other–proceeded to put away everything that was out of its place

8. folded and put away all laundry (this was the biggest task)

9. dusted surfaces

10. (one hour timer rang)

11. kept going: vacuumed

12. took trash out of bathroom

13. wiped down bathroom surfaces…


feeling before blitzing= overwhelmed

feeling during blitzing= tired but determined

feeling after blitzing= fabulous!!!

Are you ready to spend some time on focused blitzing??

Just make a dent in something. You’ll need the blitzing post directions here.

Who’s going to be the first to link up??


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