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Blitz-It Friday # 21

A new blitz focus/ challenge for me has been blitzing: ready for the weekend.

I thought it would be a new and fun way to organize yourself to have a fun, relaxed and productive weekend. I don’t know if any of you tried it, but I found it to help tremendously.

Blitzing, as I call it, is just a tool that works for me. I need something to create order, thrust, and vector to what is sometimes a scattered experience in my creative cerebral spheres..

So, this is what my weekend looks like:

Weekend Focus: Rest and recovery (After having guests for two weeks, I think I just want to veg…)

Weekend inspiration: Come apart and rest awhile..

Weekend tasks:

1) Dealing with my many refrigerators!

Let me explain. Last week at a garage sale, I noticed someone was selling a double sided refrigerator for $35.00. I took a look at it and noticed it was in great condition. So, I asked why is was out in the garage. Usually, these things go for around $150.00 or more.

As it happened to be, the mother of the owner of the brown fridge was hosting the garage sale. She told me that her son had completely gutted the house and HAD to have a chrome refrigerator. So, because it was not the right color, it had to go. (I love these kind of garage sales! Yes, there are still some people wealthy enough to complete snobs about stuff like this)

So, why did I buy it? Well, my fridge is basically “on a banana peel”. It works; that is, it keeps food cold. But the pull out drawers are duct-taped together, the water dispenser leaks, and pesky hard water stains everywhere are infringing on the general well being of my otherwise immaculate kitchen… so, I snagged this deal before the existing fridge kicked the bucket for real. The only problem? Now I have three refrigerators. I have a basement fridge, the current kitchen fridge, and the new one. Anyone in Rockford need a fridge? I do have an extra one. I like to have two because of the amount of hospitality we do. But I think three is over the top.

2) Dungeon (one hour blitz) On some days, I just want to light a match down there. Seriously.

3) Garage clutter (one hour blitz).

Do you see those three bags? Those are clothes I got rid of from my overstuffed closet (way too much garage-sale thrift-store deals this year)!! This is what was left AFTER three people took all that they wanted from my stuff. The items next to it are going to be donated also.

Weekend food: (menu for the whole week)

At some point I am going to use this:

This juicer I got for $20.00 from a garage sale.. (insane, I know) No, there is nothing wrong with the juicer! It’s fabulous.

If you have a juicer, try this:

3 organic carrots,

1 apple

1 orange

1 hunk of ginger

It’s my new post-workout drink, if I could ever.. like.. get myself to work out! (another story)

About menu planning, I am still using this system given out my Econobusters, free menu planning resource. If you are new to this, I have the weekly menu on the left side, and the grocery list for that menu on the left. That grocery list looks something like this:

If I want to use that week again, I photocopy the original list, and cross out or add things as needed. It is so easy that sometimes I feel guilty that it only takes me about 10 minutes to “plan” for a week. It took me longer to find the camera and take a picture of it than it did to actually “plan” it. Ha.

O.K., so here’s what it says:

Friday: grilled salmon, mock mashed potatoes, salad

Saturday: beans and rice

Sunday: Martha’s mac and cheese/ homemade pizza

Monday: chicken pot pie

Tuesday: sweet/ sour pork

Wednesday: calico beans/ veggies of some sort

Thursday: smoked brisket (moose), baked potatoes, veggies

And what weekend would be complete without a list of fun things to do?

Weekend Treats:

I have just started this quilt. It’s a half clamshell design. My mother taught me some great sewing techniques while she was here. I believe she learned the technique from reading this book here.

and there’s always the chance that I’ll actually make pair of socks that are the same size??

Hope your blitzing is going well.

New to blitzing? Here are some links to get you started:

Basically, blitzing is forcing ourselves to focus for a set period of time on hands-on tasks.

Read about the: one hour blitz and staying focused.

Getting started with posting for blitz-it Friday.

Also, blitzing with kids is a blast if you are an airchair general.

Glad you could join us! Now you have MANY choices about using the blitz. You are welcome to do/ try any or all of them…. and so many photos to choose from!

Since I do my menu planning here, I am linking up with that famous, butt-kicker the organizing junkie for menu plan Monday. She’s the REAL organized blog. LOL.http://www2.blenza.com/linkies/easylink.php?owner=organizingmommy&postid=8_6_2009&meme=

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