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Blitz-It Friday # 9

Hey! It’s time to blitz-it again. For those of you who are just blitzing for the first time, here are some great starting points.

Basically, blitzing is forcing ourselves to focus for a set period of time on hands-on tasks.

Originally, I wrote about the one hour blitz and staying focused. 

Also, blitzing with kids.

So, this weekend we tilled the garden plot.  Here is Jo helping.

Hey, this machine is fun!

So, for my blitzes this week, I did one hour planting sessions.  Basically, I did one on Sunday, one on Monday, and two today.  I can hardly believe it that I am only about half done with the garden.  This thing is HUGE!  What was I thinking???

Also, we did a huge blitz as a family today, since school is officially OVER!!  Wooot de Doot!

Kids blitzing chores:

Jamie: vacuum steps/ landing, loading DW, clean room, 

Jo: clean room, put away dishes, clean bathroom #1

Hud: clean room, carry compost to garden, wash floor in bathrooms and kitchen, handwash

Than: clean room, put away laundry, clean bathroom #2, after meal help

Emily: go to nursery with Mommy and pick out plants, help water the garden, put away toys,  —

So, I hope you have enjoyed your weekly blitzing!  I love it when you guys tell me what you’ve been doing!




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