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Blitzing is a way of life–even if I’m not reporting on it.

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

Blitzing. One little commenter said she missed my blitzing posts. O.K. you guys.. is it boring or not boring to hear about someone’s big laundry list of “just did these chores” kind of posts?

I would think: boring! You guys are addicted to this insanity that I call my life, and all of the strange people I meet or the dumb things I say (really addicted to the latter..).

And some of you are addicted to the high brow thoughts I have (which occur about once every 3 months) and finished craft projects (about the same), and no one really cares if I’m organized or not.

In fact, I had a conversation with a really organized friend, and I told her “you do the organizing” and “I’ll just write about it.” LOL.

Blitzing is my survival method. In fact, a really interesting thing for you guys would be for you to WATCH ME on video (sped up) as I toddle out into the kitchen with my hedgehog hair and still in my pajamas and frantically “blitz” the kitchen on Wednesday morning BEFORE I go and teach pilates. I log it as a cardio workout, since I work so hard. (Who the invisible people out there checking invisible logs, anyway?)

In fact, I have to go put down my hair and wash my pits before I go teach exercise class.. (You had to know that, eh?) Especially the pits part. Reminds me of a line from a movie. (Kung Fu Panda) “One does not wash their pits in the pool of sacred tears..” (which is not an endorsement for the movie, but that line was so funny..)

Anyway, you may need to “clean up” after a blitz. Once you learn that you CAN get a lot done in just a short period of time, you’ll be addicted to blitzing. In fact, I’m such a lazy bum that I can pretty much do all of my kitchen duties in about an hour in the morning, and let the kids’ chores suffice for the rest. If I’m slightly above the lazy bum status on that particular day, I will EVEN start dinner in the morning.. be still my heart.

Just so you don’t get the wrong idea, that DOES not happen every day, but it HAS happened, and that counts, you know?

So, it wouldn’t kill me to have a menu up once in a while.

I start my menus on Friday, and we’ve already eaten these foods.

Friday: meatloaf, smashed fingerlings

Saturday: macaroni and cheese from a box (GAH!!!!!!!!) (sewing day–yeah!!)

Sunday: spaghetti and meatballs, bread, salad

Monday: clean out the fridge soup

Tuesday: soft tacos

Wednesday: pasta dish

Thursday: beans and rice

If you would like some information on blitzing, here’s the scoop. A past blitzing post that will give you all of the links. Because I’m lazy like that. But you’ll love it. Just go there, OK?


Moms the Word/ Makes my home sing

and Menu plan monday with the Organizing junkie.

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