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Blitzing without parents

Updated: Mar 16

On the way home from prayer meeting, Wednesday night, Joanna said, “I feel like turning on some loud music and cleaning up the house really fast,”

(Notice she didn’t say blitz, as to not insult her brothers. It is generally understood that the kids do not use that word)

“Sounds good, honey. But do you guys think you could manage to clean up without me? I know how you all like to have me barking orders and all, but…”

Backseat boys, “Oh, no! We’ll do it on our own! You don’t need to be there.”

Me to my sweetheart, “We’ll be taking our tea in the bedroom tonight.”

So, we did. He made a pot of tea and we scrambled up a few cookies and shut the door, as to not to disturb them. I know they would rather not have us interfering with their hard work.

While we sat and tried make coherent conversation, I didn’t let the roar of everything disturb me. It was hard, but sometimes, you just have to lay off those kids and let them do their thing.

I have no idea how late they stayed up, but it was fairly decent when I woke up the next morning.

Being an organizing mommy is hard work, but someone’s gotta do da job, eh?

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