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Blog carnival introduction: Welcome to my site!

Ultimate Blog Party 2009

Welcome to organized everyday, an organizing blog with a twist of reality. Most organizing resources are written by people who have a career in professional organizing and have one.. maybe two children. They have exactly what they want on their plate at all times because they designed it that way. We read their books, and we feel inspired for the moment, but we wish someone who had umpteen kids and too much on their plate would actually give us the scoop once in a while too.

As a prior military wife with (at one time) four children, five and under and on my 10th move in 10 years of marriage, I felt loosely qualified to identify with anyone who was overwhelmed with life. I tell more about my organizing story here. I lived through it! God got me through it and taught me so much about organizing and keeping on top of things. And I don’t feel like I’ve mastered anything yet! I joke about my status as an “organizing mommy” not an organized mom, but I still have a few things to share that should help some of you.

I’ve developed a process called: the Blitz. I’ve made it into a weekly carnival. I would LOVE it, if you tried it with me this week! Our first one was here: check it out.

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I love to organize spaces also. Labeling and defining the space is the best way to keep things organized! Check out the tab above on organizing spaces.

Time management is also a big issue for anyone who wants to be organized. Here I am breaking tasks down into manageable chunks…

Occasionally, I write about my family, friends, or just plain Weird stories. My Mom (seated in the back row with my Dad) says weird stories are her favorite part of my blog, and you KNOW her opinion is NOT biased or anything..

I like to make crafts and recycle things. These mittens and hat were made from a sweater.

Check out the crafts section.

Of course, there are recipes, homeschooling, and other things here. Green smoothies (below)

So, you want to get organized? Are you tired of drowning in your messy house, looking for things all of the time? Me too. So, let’s explore this journey together, shall we?

I LOVE the journey of moving forward toward higher organization of my home, my kids, my life.. I want to stop stumbling over stuff and start sailing in smooth seas… Ready to join me?

There’s so much to learn! Let’s do it. Let’s blitz-it!!

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