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Broccoli-chicken almondine (crockpot)

Because I am a new gardener, can someone please tell me if it is normal in Northern Illinois to have broccoli sprouting around Thanksgiving?

Broccoli-chicken almondine fantastico...

3 pounds of chicken breasts, cooked and cut up in decent size chunks. Set aside

1 stick of butter

1 small onion sliced lengthwise

1 cup of fresh mushrooms

4 cups of broccoli pieces

1 T flat leaf parsley

Saute the veggies in the butter until the broccoli turns a bright green and onions are soft


1/2 cup of white flour

1T. of chicken base ( better than bouillon, brand)

2 t. salt (or less)

Stir until a roux forms

Add: 4 cups of milk slowly, thickening it into a sauce

Take it off the heat and add: 1/2 cup mayonaise and 1/2 cup of cream cheese (technically you could eliminate these if you want to be healthier)

Pour all ingredients into crockpot container,

Garnish with: 1 cup of slivered almonds

Cook on High for 3 hours or low for 6

Or: in a conventional oven for 1 hour at 325*

Serve with: whole wheat spaghetti noodles or fettucini. YUMMY!

Menu for the week:

Monday: agape stew/ bread sticks (working on a recipe for this one)

Tuesday: black beans and rice

Wednesday: Italian

Thursday: Asian style (haven’t decided yet!)

Friday: ham/ potatoes/ fresh salad

Hope your menu planning is going well. Go to organizing junkie’s for more MPM.

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