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Changes to the Bodyworkshop

There's a popular therapist that I follow who has an entire series on the pandemic silver linings playbook. Even though Dr. Kathy Dooley lost her business, her father,and her home state( she had to move), she somehow always manages to lift up her readers by setting the bar high and finding the good in life.

So, it is here. I have not had a fraction of the hardships of my online mentor, but the business was hit. Understandably, many clients are just unable to return. They are high risk or a friend/ loved one is high risk. So, we all do what we need to do.

A year ago, I met someone that completely blew me away with his massage skills and business acumen. It was so impressive that I begged to be mentored by him, knowing that I was the competition. It's funny how competitors have become allies in this strange time. In fact, the entire massage therapy community has come together to try to help each other out during this pandemic. And so it was with my friend, Chris.

People are always asking me for jobs or employees. Chris was no exception. He asked me to find him a therapist to work for him. I know. strange. But I love that sort of thing, so I jumped at the chance to do some HR work. Sure enough, I found the perfect guy he was looking for. I did a detailed interview and the whole nine yards, just cuz a girl can, I guess. To this day, Sam seems to be the perfect fit for the job.

So, now I'm already doing HR for this business that is technically a competitor, how long would it take for me to cave in? A year ago, I would have been like "nah.." I got a good thing going here. But this year? Not so much. My referrals stopped coming in from other sources and my regulars were not coming back as fast. I guess it would take that to get my attention.

So finally after about six months after doing my initial HR work, I asked Chris, "Do you want me to work here?".. I don't think there was time for him to inhale, "Absolutely."

So, it was August. I just started working one hour a week.. kind of dipping my toe in the water. Off the bat I just noticed that life was easier. The emotional stress of trying to get clients to pay and rebook (the awkward stuff!!) was taken care of by a staff. I basically just showed up to work. The weight of the business aspect of this was sort of removed.

It's almost November, and I am fully immersed into Chris Scott Wellness, including a uniform and business cards. As of this week, I made the decision to close my doors at Cater Chiropractic at the end of November 2020. It was an agonizing decision. Trust me. I loved it there. Dr. Cater is a wonderful chiropractor, and the friends I've met there are still special to me. But I truly see this move as a silver lining in the Pandemic playbook. Chris Scott Wellness is giving me the opportunity to teach medical pilates on the reformer/ cadillac while giving the clients the opportunity to use insurance for either massage or pilates. My prices have not increased. Packages are still available. It's really a win/ win for me and my clients. I'm also going to do massages for veterans there. The timing couldn't be better! I was just approved to be a VA provider to give veterans free massages!

I'm also going to be in my home doing some of my work from there, especially for clients who already know where I live and are comfortable with that. I also can do some limited home visits also for a small additional fee. But the majority of my work will be done at CSW in Loves Park, only five minutes away from my other office.

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