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Cleaning under the Bathroom Sinks.. July Round-up

Here we are again, folks! It’s time for the July organizing round-up. The challenge was to organize UNDER the bathroom sink. I added the side drawers also.

Bathroom #1 (the master bathroom)

This is my junk: the top drawer of mommy’s stuff.


AFTER (it’s upside down here) Yes, there are labels that give homes to things like toothbrushes and make-up.

Drawer #2 BEFORE.

Drawer # 2 AFTER. (on the side)

Drawer #3 before

Drawer #3 after.. O.K. it really isn’t that different..

Under the sink in Bathroom #1: BEFORE

Things blocking the drawers, bags hanging around, unlabeled drawers.. naughty, naughty.

AFTER: Labeled drawers, clutter out of the way, and a place for the bags.. (in the top left drawer)

Can you handle more? I did the kids’ bathroom also. We call it bathroom #2.

This is under the sink: BEFORE

Under the sink: AFTER

Toothpaste drawer: AFTER

Hair supply drawer: after

For more organizing, visit here.

A few thoughts about organizing the bathroom:

1. Most of my organizing “system” was set for me before I even started.

I had dividers for the drawers, and plastic drawers for under the sink already in place.

2. When re-organizing, all I had to do is ask, “Has anything changed since the last time I organized?” and change it and the label.

3. It only took 40 minutes to re-organize the 2 bathrooms.

4. Once you get a system set, updates and cleaning only need to happen every 9-12 months unless you change something in your life that requires more equipment.


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