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Confessions: I am Ukrainian.. I think.

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

Elijah and his wife were visiting with us, and he turned to his wife and said, “Does she ever remind you of my Mom or what?”  (meaning me)  And his wife said, “totally.  everything.”  Now keep in mind, Elijah is a 26 year old black man.  So, I was thinking “cool!”  “I am just like a black woman, and they are so hip”..  They have cool hair and an attitude.  I like.  So, I’m picturing this.

But somehow I got out of him that his mother was not black.  She’s actually Ukrainian.  Without a lot of drama, I am picturing something like this:

But then my spirits were kind of lifted when after researching this, I found that all of the internet agrees that Ukrainian women look like this.  And.. (I kid you not) are the most desirable women on the planet.  Just ask them.  

Which you all know is exactly how I look, especially when I lift my hand up like that.  ROFL.  

So, then as our crazy life goes, Will and I ended up going out to dinner with some work associates and among them was a Russian lady.  And I asked her  (out of curiosity) if I looked Ukrainian.  She said that I really did.  What the??

So, don’t look now, but this is me in 30 years.  Awesome, eh?


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