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Creative household hacks? or.. you tell me!

Thank you.. thank you.. thank you for all who responded to my “Works for Me” question.  I was trying to decide if yet (another) book needs to be written helping busy moms stay motivated about exercising.  It seems like everyone exercises just fine without my hip-hopping around, but maybe not.  While you are thinking about whether or not there is a need for a book to be written with a fresh look on getting in shape for over-worked moms, I have yet another idea I’m batting around..  

The idea is that each person sets his cup in the assigned spot.  If you look closely, you can see each of our children’s names: oldest to youngest.  Jamie is really James, but we always call him Jamie.. i.e. “Robotdude” or “Houston”.   This cup station was painted in a few coats or brown with brown texture that I had leftover from another project.  I just used paint in the squeeze bottles for the rest of the names.  As far as I know, this is my own invention.  Then again, probably others have similar things going on.

Which reminds me of the next thing I want to bring up.. A Meme.. I need a Name for a Meme.. (does that rhyme?)  

I want to create weekly Meme that encompasses a few ideas.  I want to encourage creativity, frugality and repurposing.  I want to create a spot in which people can share their “household hacks”–ideas and things they’ve come up with from basic things they already have or have purchased second hand.  These household hacks can include: food combinations, clothing or fabric, household things, homemade wood/ rubber/ metal, or just basic repurposing of stuff.  

1. Is this a good idea?

2 Any name ideas? 

For an example of a cool household/ creativity hack, I like this: Elliphantom Knits.  She has taken apart a sweater and made it into something very useful for herself: fresh yarn to knit with.   I love a useful idea like this!! 


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