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Darling Daughter

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

About two weeks ago, my darling daughter, Joanna, went to the Reformation Day Faire with some friends of ours and wore this lovely dress that she made. She’s been making so many of her outfits, I thought I’d put a link to her blog, so you can see what her little creative hands have been doing.

Not that being a seamstress makes her any more special to me or the Lord. I had a friend once say that she’s “not interested in reading blogs about daughters who make their own clothes”?? since that was so out of the realm of her own personal experience that it overwhelmed her.

But that’s not the point. She’s a young lady who loves the Lord and does something special for his glory. For someone else, this will play itself out in different ways without their little hands ever picking up a needle. And that is perfectly fine. even great. Like who cares?

I care because it is my daughter, and she loves the Lord. Today she and I took a walk with Emily to enjoy one of the many beautiful days of fall. We had such a nice time just walking together, discussing everything and nothing all at once.

I know, even though she doesn’t know it yet, that some day our relationship will change. She’ll grow up and have someone special to share her heart with, and our relationship will take on an entirely new dimension. And that will be good, even if it takes a while for it to be good.

But for today, I have my darling daughter. Thank you Lord.

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