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Day 2 of counseling class!

My first thought right before the first class yesterday was, “How am I EVER going to sit still for 1 1/2 hours??!!” That’s asking a lot, don’t you think??

Somehow, by the grace of God, I survived the sitting, the learning, contemplating, and learning not only yesterday but today also!

In one sense, learning is so easy. All you have to do is sit there and soak in information. NOT!

This is a graduate level class, and there is no “soaking in” of information. We all present our ideas for evaluation and compare them with the texts, the lectures and the Scriptures.

In one sense, I feel so inadequate. My personal Bible study has been so sparse over the child bearing years. I don’t know Greek or Hebrew or hermeneutics. These are grad students, and I’ve been an “organizing mommy” all my life, you know?

In another sense, I feel like this is exactly what I should be learning, and nothing is really beyond my grasp. It’s all very humbling.

One illustration that made me think is the idea of having heaven and earth meet, and we being the agent of introducing someone to God. For example, it’s very simple in a sense. I know God, and another person wants to meet Him, so I just introduce them to each other. We often call this evangelism. There’s another sense that heaven and earth meet. When someone is struggling through life and they already know God. He is very fuzzy at the moment, and we help clear the air. We help them see Christ again. This is counseling (in a biblical sense).

It’s really just about helping people by using the Scriptures and kind ways with people. We listen, we ask questions, we make observations. We aren’t perfect– (especially not me) but we are able to do something for the hurting person.

Now I have oversimplified everything for the purpose of this blog, but it really is a rewarding, intense study.

For those of you kind enough to pray, thank you. For those of you leaving comments, thank you also. I may not be able to do my “rounds” this week with visiting your blogs. I’ll get there soon enough, though! Blessings!

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