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Day after Thanksgiving rolls and menu planning.

Hey!! I’m back!  Wow! I’m not sure I’ve ever taken an entire week off from blogging.  I was constantly wanting to write, but I held off.  Sometimes creativity really simmers that way.  I took a lot of pictures and got some ideas.  

We had a great holiday.  It was probably our most low-key Thanksgiving holiday ever.  I had a chance to write my organizing story.  It’s a side blog with only one post.  I do not plan to write regularly on that blog, but I just wanted a space to talk about : my organizing story. It’s also a link on the sidebar.

For this week’s menu:

Monday: beans and rice.

Tuesday: lasagna/ bread/ salad

Wednesday: chicken casserole (tuna magic with chicken)

Thursday: ham, potatoes, veggies

Now, I have to give you my OWN recipe for: day-after-Thanksgiving rolls!!  They are wonderful.. a direct launch into carbohydrate-indulgence heaven.

Do they look awesome?

First things first.  Always, I mean always.. cook enough mashed potatoes on Thanksgiving day to have three cups of leftover potatoes.

Add: 3 cups of leftover mashed potatoes

          1/4 cup of honey

  3 cups of milk and

  1/2 stick of butter to a pot and heat it until the butter is melted.

In the mixer bowl:

Add: 7 cups white flour

                 1 1/2 cups whole grain flour (I used spelt)

  3 T. yeast

  1 T. salt

Mix the dry ingredients together. While the mixer is spinning slowly, add the wet ingredients to the mix.  

Add more white flour as needed to make a soft dough.

Go ahead; get your hands in it.  This is SO fun.

Divide up the dough and spray the cookie sheets/ (pans with edges).

Cut the ridges in the bread BEFORE it rises.  I used a: ravioli cutter.

You can put the extra in a small crock if you run out of pans!

Bake 375* for 25 minutes.  YUMMY! 

For more MPMs check out: organizing junkie.

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