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Death by milk..

Updated: Mar 16

So I opened the fridge and noticed a gallon of chocolate milk that was not there before.

“Hey, who bought the milk?”

Oldest son, “I did.”

“Do you need to be reimbursed for it?

Son: “No. I wanted to buy something with my own money, and I bought chocolate milk”

“O.K. then, next time could you get organic milk?”

Son: “Why? this one was cheaper. And why does it need to be organic anyway? You know Abraham lived a long time without organic milk. “

(not wanting to get into this at that moment) “O.K. well, I guess it won’t kill you..”

Son: “Yeah. I had this urge to die.. So, I bought non-organic milk, in hopes of it killing me..”

Whatever! Muck it on down then!

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