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Decade Goals

My mother says that we should not just endure another birthday, but we should usher it in with much fanfare and expectation.  I think I may be done with the fanfare of turning 40, but I’m just now starting to think of my goals for the next decade.  

In the next ten years I would like:

1. to be much more focused on the eternal, rather than the earthly. 

Much of the first section of my life has been on developing the skills, the education, the information to live life on earth successfully and more organized.  I’ve read and conquered a lot of earthly information from things like giving birth naturally, to grinding grains and making healthier food, to teaching your child to read or write, or how to organize your closet or your life or how to do certain crafts or sew or knit things.  I’m not saying those skills are not important; they are. I’m also not saying that God wasn’t a part of that; he most definitely is! But all of this organization has to lead to something.  So, I sit around in my organized house, with my organized kids.. all to do what?  God has given me the ability to get this far.  I would like to take it to the next level and learn how to be more spiritual and to think and do in terms of eternity. In the past, focusing hard on the earthly has been the only way that I’ve been able to make time for the eternal.  Now that I’m older and the kids are growing up, it’s time to move in a new direction.

2. to have launched my oldest four children and have my youngest child heading in the right direction.

By “launching” I do not mean hurling them out into the world and out of the nest.  Whether they live at home or live on their own makes no difference to me.  What I really would like to see happen is that each of my children are capable, responsible, industrious, and godly with a clear focus as to what God wants them to do in life, as well as the means and ability to get there.  This is a tall order.  My dear husband and I are not capable of doing this on our own.  We are asking for God’s help.  In ten years, my kids will be: 27, 25, 23, 22 and 14, Lord willing.  Who knows? I could be a grandmother.  (I was married at 22 and had children by 23) 

3. to have simplified my material possessions as much as possible. 

 Anyone who homeschools a big family knows it takes not only time and money, it takes space and stuff.  A family needs room to move around and grow.  As our children grow up, I would like to have a smaller house and less stuff.   Perhaps the Lord will want us to keep a great big house even after our children have grown up, but I am open to the possibility of living smaller and simpler. As my mother has always told me, “there’s no trailer behind the hearse” –why ARE we keeping this stuff anyway? 

4. to have perfected the art of enjoying the moment and delighting in people.

 I have been so focused, so task oriented for so long that I have completely forgotten how to enjoy things.  Yes, I’m efficient.  Yes, I’m organized.  O.K. big deal.  Bossing people around, zooming from thing to thing.. gets old after a while.  Every soul is precious.  People are important.  I want to learn that.  I want to enjoy that.  God likes people.  He is patient and kind and compassionate.  I’m not even sure what those words mean.   I wish I could be more like my Mom.  People love her, and she loves them.  She laughs.  She really enjoys the moment.  She enjoys remembering funny things and laughs again.  Then she laughs when she’s telling you about laughing about what made her laugh the first time.  I giggle just thinking about her.  When I’m in a funk, she can get me to see straight again.  She can get me to laugh about it.  Can you imagine? Now (if she reads this) she’ll laugh again about it again.  

There are a lot of other things I would like to do in the next ten years, but so much of it is in God’s hands.  We never know what even a day may bring, let alone a year.. or ten years.   I have this day.  The first step towards your big goals start with today.  Do you have decade goals? Have you perfected or worked on these things mentioned above? Feel free to launch me toward my goals by dropping a comment. Blessings to you in your goals too.

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