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Don’t eat this at my home..

It looked really yummy in the fresh food market, but…. maybe I should have googled a recipe?

I soaked the bunch of parsley-broccoli looking things in cold water and then proceeded to saute them in a lovely mixture of stuff that should have killed the bitterness out of anything.

Not even close.

WH: “This’ll put hair on your chest!”

Me: “No kidding!”

I looked around the table to see if anyone else had tried it yet.

Robotdude managed to eat quite a few bites.

Me: “If anyone can muck this down, we’re getting icecream”

So, here we are.. sitting here watching wood working videos and slurping our strawberry shakes!

It’s called broccoli-rabe or rappini. Picture and recipe from this site. Maybe next time I’ll use a recipe!

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