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Dropping in.. We just don’t do it anymore!

With the end of the summer upon us, I feel wistful, almost nostalgic about the lazy, summer days of my hometown in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

Was it the era, the location, or the combination of the two that made it seem so conducive to “drop in” company?

Granted, the U.P., probably like many rural locations across the U.S. and Canada is given to drop in company. People have to travel long distances to get places. There isn’t a 7-11 on every street corner, and visiting people along the way was just a part of life.

I have no idea if the many people that “stopped over” called first or just came. All I know is, it was busy, lively, full of activity and food. Lots of food. You always offered guests “a little bite”..

“C’mon, sit down. Have a bite..”

Before you know it, a plate or two of food and beverages would appear out of no where.

Was the house always clean? Well, my Mom was a great housekeeper, even though she worked full time. But I can’t even say that is was always “spotless”, nor do I ever recall my mother worrying about it one way or the other.

I remember we were “regular drop-in guests” at anyone’s home who lived on the lake! We loved to go swimming in the summertime!

It’s just not the same anymore, is it? A few weeks ago, I was telling my kids what it was like to have “drop in” guests. They thought it would be so fun also. When did “dropping in” go from being fun to being rude? When did people consider themselves to be inconvenienced by having unexpected guests? Is it a thing that is long gone, like my childhood?

Well, while you contemplate those thoughts, I’d like to tell you the menu.. just in case you want to stop over.. for a bite.

Menu for the Week

Friday: burgers on the grill, homemade fries, green salad

Saturday: Thai fried rice (without the seafood, just chicken)

Sunday: Ritz chicken casserole, pasta (yes, this is fat-pill) and veggies

Monday: clean out the fridge soup

Tuesday: chicken lasagna/ fumi salad

Wednesday: Southwest chicken and rice

Thurs: Butter chicken, indian rice and lentils OR tomato pie (gooey pizza)

For more menus, visit: organizing junkie’s menu plan monday

Another Giveaway

I’m making something….

How do you participate in a blitz? It’s easy. You plan your week/ your weekend or anything you want. If you do not have a blog, you can leave a comment in the comment section, telling me what you did on your blitz. Remember, my blitz is very elaborate. You don’t need to do anything that fancy, unless it helps you get organized better.

I do a ton of planning for my week that way. I get sooo much done! It’s not about me or even promoting my blog. It’s about helping people get organized and enjoy life more. Why are we drowning in our own homes? It’s not a good thing. So, it is a little bit of work to think through what you want from your time, so that is why I am offering a cool bag, and I hope to be offering more cool bags as I have time to make them. I look forward to seeing how organized YOU are!

Blitzing, getting organized and motivated is what makes my home sing, also! For more great posts and a fun blog, visit Nan at Moms the Word.


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