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Early morning snuggle time

There’s something special about the mornings. It took me many years to actually appreciate mornings, but now that I’m not up all night with little ones, mornings are kind of fun.

What I usually do is make myself a cup of coffee (another luxury for the post-childbearing years) and snuggle into a favorite chair with my blankie and my Bible.

Will sits across the room and reads his Bible also (no coffee). There’s a reason he’s in the photo instead of me. When he gets up in the morning, his hair looks normal. He could probably get away with not even combing it. When I get up in the morning, I put on a hat or wear a hooded something. So, you’ll have to imagine me, the curly hedgehog, sitting there across the room enjoying myself.

When Emily gets up, she snuffles her way to one of our laps and sits quietly for about a half hour. I continue to read and pray and sip coffee with her all snuggled in.

I know we’re at a “golden time” in our lives when our older kids get up and get going with breakfast and Bible reading on their own, and we just have the one little one.

As the older ones are getting up, I scoot to my room and get dressed, make the bed and clean up my room as I get Emily dressed also.

A relaxed, happy morning is what makes my home sing! For more thoughts like these, join us at: Momstheword.

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