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Eating my fork is not the only thing I can do well

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

Have you guys ever dove into a salad with a plastic fork in such a way that you end up eating part of the fork?

O.K. me neither.. until today. Today I was hungry enough to just eat it. I knew the extra parts of the fork had to be somewhere on my plate or in my mouth. So, I decided that there are a lot of things that make their journey into the intestinal canal of young children and exit whole. So, why stop when you are young?

So, as I type, there are entire adventures awaiting a part of a fork that very few forks will get to do. And that is what makes this blog so special. Special indeed. You just never know what to expect around here.

Yesterday I spent the day crying, and today is a new day. A day for a flat tire in the parking lot of Hallstrom.. A day for corralling perfectly normal homeschool dads into helping me change the tire, since my own children’s homeschooling dad is in France today. I even introduced two dads who didn’t know each other before. See how I am being helpful here?

So, the one dad said, “Oh your husband is the SAC warrior; I know him!”

SAC warrior? I thought he was an organizing daddy. I thought he was a preacher engineer. I never knew… and then I remembered.. our years in the Air Force.. he was in a division called Strategic Air Command (SAC)..

Me, coming to my senses, “That’s right! I hardly ever address him as a SAC warrior, but I should, I really should… I still try to honor him and all… er uh.. yeah..”

I’m so glad there are other dads out there who remind me what really matters to a man. I feel like I should give my husband a special ceremony or something “All Hail, the SAC warrior is home!” with much fanfare. I think I should change my facebook page to “SAC warrior’s wife” or at least blog in about the good ole days once in a while…

Except they weren’t really good (for me), so I try to forget them. But some progress has been made on that front. Usually if I have a bad dream, it involves moving to North Dakota. For some reason our last assignment in Minot, ND put me over the edge enough to put it in the perpetual nightmare status.

Well, just last night even, I had a dream about moving to North Dakota and it was NOT a nightmare. Progress, I’m telling you. Purely progress in my emotional stability.

Aren’t you glad? You can relax now. And I’m telling you that blogging is cheaper and more effective than therapy. Thanks for doing your part.

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