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Embracing the 2020

Some of you may have recognized that I have a silent blogger for most of 2020. You haven't been imagining it. It is true. But it wasn't what most people call "writer's block"--because that assumes that I had nothing to say or write about it.

The truth is that I had plenty to say--just not a framework in which to say it. You see, I choose the framework of positivity and humor to couch even the most daunting tasks and disappointments. When I could no longer find humor or positivity, I just went silent. And I think a lot of us did. We lived in a state of fear, exhaustion, frustration, anger and more fear. And the only way to couch those things is in a framework of negativity. And who wants to read that?

And yet, I think I need to make space for this--if only for the brief time that it takes to process and learn from it. I am asking myself some hard questions this new year. For example, why is negativity so bad? We know it is bad, but why?

Here are some more questions.

How was my resiliency tested? How did I fare?

How was my faith tested? Did I doubt God during this year?

How was my prayer life? How was my time with the Lord?

How important are others to me? and in what ways am I caring for other people?

How is my health? physical, mental, emotional?

How did my emotions effect my spending habits?

Was I kind? Was I compassionate? Was I intentional?

Do I use negative emotions or positive emotions to motivate me?

And how am I going to do things the same or differently next year?

I am personally challenged to do better this year. I hope that you embrace the 2020-- in the sense that you take a sober account of the good and the bad. I am thankful for the good. I am strengthened by the bad. In both ways-- I am content.

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