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Encouragements..without pain

 Remember when I wrote about the pain I was in from that awful massage? Well, I am so happy to report that it has been a little over a week, and I am virtually pain free.  I never believed it would happen.  Yes, I know that massage is supposed to help you with injuries, but I never imagined it would be all gone.  

I did learn some things through this, that I hope I do not soon forget.

As the pain was lingering longer than I thought necessary, I had some thoughts about pain in general.  First of all, there are so many people that live with constant pain as a lifestyle, not just an event.  I’ve been blessed with a relatively pain free existence.  Others, like my friend Carrie, live with constant pain.  So, I am not claiming to be an expert on this subject AT ALL.  But I prayed this simple prayer in faith:

Lord, every time I have a twinge of pain, I want to use it as a reminder to pray to you.  This constant reminder of prayer is my new friend, not my enemy.  I hope that this pain will not leave me unless you are ready for it to go.  The pain will not be here even one second longer, or one level higher than you allow for your good purposes.

I was actually very thankful that I had come to this conclusion and was just enjoying the peace that comes from full surrender to Christ, when almost as if in a dream.. the pain lifted.  

As I was teaching pilates today, it seems so long ago that I was hobbling around trying to cope with pain and teach others exercises that I could not do.  Incidentally, the class I taught in complete weakness was the one where I had a lot of great feedback from the participants.  God gives grace to the humble, weak and hurting. 


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