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Updated: Feb 20, 2020

So, it’s almost the end of October, and I think we have finally hit a “routine” for this semester.  I can celebrate at least ONE week where I didn’t add or subtract any major activities, friends, or home improvements.

How about you?  Have you hit that balance yet? I am realizing that there is this inborn guilt (in women, at least) about having a life that is NOT completely overwhelming.  And when we have a “light schedule” by design, we feel a womanly guilt.  And this constant, nagging feeling of: “is this O.K.??” and somehow needing to prove to yourself and others that it is O.K. to not feel overbooked every second of the day.

O.K. realistically, not ALL women struggle with this–just my readers and I: type A, overachieving, mommy-a-holic hospitality queens.

The mommies who have their homeschooled kids in drama, Model UN, music, robotics, gavel clubs, church-youth activities, scholarship competitions, ACT studying, photography adventures, volunteer work, and a full load of classes…

The mommies who have to make lunches for the little ones and find gym shoes and piano books..

The mommies who think they need to “set an example” for our daughters by taking care of their bodies and working out and teaching others to do the same..

The mommies who think they need to teach classes at both schools their kids attend, just to keep up with their lives and stay in the loop.. and even use that dusty teaching certificate once in a while..??

And let’s not forget a “part time” job of professional organizing at your husband’s work place..  just to “help out” and make some money.

In spite of all of this–GOD is good!!! and I am NOT overwhelmed.  Here are some things that are saving my fanny during this busy season of life.

1) Time with the Lord and in his Word.  I may only get 15 minutes, but I try to find a piece of Scripture to meditate on and worship the Lord–in the morning before life gets too crazy.

2) Enough sleep.  I go to bed early, if possible (except on Wednesdays) and I take big naps, as needed.

3) Nutrition.  I can not emphasize how important this is–especially in the morning.  I eat “real food” in the morning–not fluffy carbs and junk.

4)Pilates.  My exercise routine with pilates keeps me pain free and feeling good.  Even though I’m kind of chunky, I feel happy and confident in my skin.  I have a cute little “mommy tummy” that may never go away but I’m happy with my body, and that’s a happy thing.

5) My husband.  I should have listed this earlier.  He is awesome and meets my needs, whatever they happen to be at the moment.  He leads me spiritually and takes care of me.  Yes, I try to take care of him too, but I think I have the good end of the deal.

6) Saying no.  I not only say “no”, but I usually say it with gusto.  “You’ve GOT to be KIDDING!  You want me to do WHAT???” And if it is something that I think I could possibly do, I tell them that I need to talk to my husband first.  We discuss it.  And then I usually end up doing it.  But I say NO a lot just because it is nice to be in control.  And then I think about it and say YES later.  Sounds crazy, but it works for me.

7) MY kids.  My kids help out a lot.  You know the expression: “Many hands make light work”?  Well, that is only true if the hands are BIG and TRAINED.  Thankfully, we’re at the stage of life of big and trained hands helping out.  We always let them pursue their own interests, but they have to be helpful workers in the home also.

8)Routine.  I don’t do everything everyday.  Some days I do “nothing” outside of the home.  I even cancel things until I can come up with a stay-at-home day for myself.  Trust me, there’s plenty to do around here.  But I enjoy it because I know that I’m not going to have to stop in the middle of it and go do something.  You should try it.  It’s a good thing.

So, that’s what I’ve been up to lately.  Today is just one of those golden stay at home days.  I have some laundry to do.  I might indulge in some knitting.  I have a pilates client coming to the house for a little workout.  I may take a nap later.  So, I’m going to go and put down the hedgehog hair and get ready!

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