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filling a sandwich bag..

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

AT OUR HOUSE, we have weird sayings.  And they usually happen by accident.  And I usually say them. accidentally.  And then they stick. forever.

Like this past weekend.

My mother was visiting.  Oops.  I told my mother that I wasn’t going to blog about her anymore.  Oops.

Anyway, my mother was visiting.  I think I was trying to get motivated to fold the laundry.  And my mom offered to come and help.  She said, “Do I need to call you on the phone so you can get your laundry done??”

So, let’s think about how crazy this idea is.  Here we are sitting together, talking.. and she offers to call me on the phone. And she would have done it, but I just asked her to grab a cup of coffee and sit with me.  We could visit and have some coffee instead of talking on the phone from separate rooms.

But I got to thinking about how often we talk on the phone.  And we were discussing this with the kids.

And I blurt out this high brow thought..

“You could fill a sandwich bag with all the days that mom and I haven’t talked on the phone!”

And the look..

the look on one of my kids’ faces.

I’m not going to tell you which kid, but this child just recently won a physics award and it part of the 80% of my children who have engineer-like tendencies.

That kid.  It’s like his eyebrow went right up into his forehead  with his lips pursed in a half smile/ half smirk.

and finally the comment.. “You can’t fill a sandwich bag with days!!”  

And Mom and I looked at each other and burst into laughter.  We knew.

We knew exactly what that meant.  

It’s like all of us non-engineer types have this secret lingo that we can use in front of the geek-squads that will not only tell them nothing.. but completely confuse them at the same time.

And we.. can we understand their language?  Absolutely!  A little google translate and deductive reasoning and BAM! code is unfurled.

They they?  They don’t stand a chance.

Mixing metaphors, quantifiable amounts and dimensions, including time travel– adding some linguistic nuances..  and see??  it makes no sense whatsoever.

Thank you for reading this post in which I tell you absolutely nothing useful whatsoever.

Now I have to go fill some sandwich bags. 

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