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Finally some holiday photos..

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

So some of you have been inquiring over the infamous snowman quilt mentioned here. I put the photos up on that post also. The little carrot noses and scarves are just pinned on. I’m using more of Mrs. Beck’s seventh grade skirts for the scarves and earmuffs. You remember Mrs. Beck, don’t you? She supplied a lot of the buttons for these projects. I told her today that I was continuing to use her stuff; she was elated.

So, here’s my darling Mom. She and Emily were doing some holiday baking.

And then there’s Nathanael, Dad (Grandpa Terry) and Jamie doing some holiday eating.

And then people finally opened the gifts! Here are some of the homemade slipper creations. (Mrs. Beck’s skirts.. again)

And this is as close to a holiday “uniform” as I could get this year. Snowman sweatshirts. I feel kind of guilty because we were so hot that it was tough to keep them on for any length of time.

Mom, sister in law, Kim, and I below..

PEARS!! Mom got me a few pears to add to my collection!! Thanks Mom!

This is my brother Tony and his wife, Kim. Mistletoe takes the form of clementines in the U.P. You can eat the evidence when you’re done.

Roses are red

Violets are blue

I am schitzophrenic

and so am I.

“Do you want to know the definition for ADHD?”

“Hey, what’s that? Wanna go for a bike ride?”

(Yes, once I get laughing.. it’s really hard for me to stop. And he knows it…)

Later that night, we had a very old time tradition ignited where we sit an watch old slides from an old slide projector. My brother ran the slide show from a projector that my Dad found at a garage sale for about $2.00. Here is one of the slides. I am the one on the left with that piteous hairdo clutching my brother with our two cousins on the right.

And it’s always nice to know that your guests are enjoying the slide show. Note the looks of excited interest in my grandparents (below). (You can’t see their feet, but I made them each a pair of slippers also.. just so you know that they are not frowning because their feet are cold)

I really think this photo deserves to be on one of those cards with a caption. “70 happy years and counting..” or “What’s that smell?” and “I didn’t do it..” “You sure did. I know that smell..”

Oh well, the whirling dervish will brighten up the air..

And then there’s Will and I. I told him to wear that plaid shirt so he could match the couch.

Hey, you.. I want a kiss already.

And then there’s my Dad, the mighty moose hunter. You can’t see it, but his big RACK is sitting in front of the couch we’re on and it’s probably longer that the entire couch. Oh, there is a hint of a little antler sticking out. Speaking of the moose rack, I’ve made a decision. I would like to inherit one of those. I would like all of my grandchildren (someday) to have a place to hang their mittens when they come to visit. I’ll assign each one a special place to hang something on, and if I have 22 grandchildren, every horn will be occupied. Now there’s a goal.

So, that’s it. Our great holidays. I had to get this in before tomorrow. Tomorrow (Tuesday) is a big day.. can you guess? That’s right. I’m turning 39 (again!). I’ll be posting more later.

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