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First day of class!!

So, here we are! It has been 19 years since I’ve sat in a real academic classroom at the college level. Oooooohhhh is it fun! I love teaching, but being a student is fabulous!! Oh, what a treat!

I remember when I was just wrapping up my undergraduate degree (19 years ago) and thinking “enough!” Too many classes, too much stress, and my brain is clogged. I need the Drano of life to unclog it. Learning needs time to process. So, I put my teaching degree to work.

I started having babies. I started a little school in my home. I played “teacher” for years. After I did that for a few years, I swung open the doors of my home and invited other people’s kids in for “Write your Own Book” at Mrs. Webber’s house. Pretty soon, I was teaching “Write your Own Book” and “Write with the Best” at Hallstrom homeschool workshops. My kids were growing up. My kids enjoyed learning, not just from me, but from all of the other beautifully, talented teachers at our academic co-op.

But there’s always been this growing, nagging, “I want to learn” feeling in me. I want to learn.. more! But how can I go to school and bring up a big family and be a faithful wife.. etc. etc.? It was just never an occasion where I could sort it out.

Well, here I am at Moody. I am not taking this class for credit, since I am here as a guest. But no one is going to hold me back from learning all that I can. We are taking a class called “pastoral counseling”. What could be more useful than counseling? The information is practical, academic and spiritual. All of my training has been in the secular realm. It’s very hard to sort out all of the terms, theories, and practices from a Christian perspective. I’m finding the entire journey fascinating.

Can you tell I’m excited?

The teacher (Dr. Hopkins) asked us to call and ask people to pray for us this week. If you are reading this and know how to pray, would you mind asking the Lord for help for us? We would really like to learn and gain insight into all that God has in store for us. I would appreciate it greatly.

And, as far as I know, the kids are having a fabulous time in Wisconsin with their best friends. Thanks!


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