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Frugal Fashionista Friday II

Updated: Mar 16

This is combination craft/ frugal fashionista post.

Do you see this sweater? Well, it was a combination of two sweaters.

(I had a pic of each separately, and they vanished!!) So, one sweater was a purple (cotton blend) crewneck pullover. The multicolored one was a wool turtleneck. The green is fleece on sale from Joann’s.

1. Both sweaters were too tight and small. I bought them both from thrift stores because I liked their colors, not because they fit so well.

2. Cardigans get worn a lot more often than pullovers. Zippered cardigans get worn outside. So, I knew I’d double my usage if I could make them into one sweater.

3. This project was “screaming” at me since the purples in both sweaters matched perfectly.

So, how did I do it? First I cut right through the center of the purple crewneck. I made plans to enlarge it and lengthen it. The zipper was from a different sweater I cut up for a pair of slippers for my dear old dad..

The hood was essentially a design decision, but it is a useful feature. And there was enough for the “matching mittens”–of course.. we need matching mittens!

As you can see, I love wearing it. This was my actual birthday, and my dear hubby brought a cake to Hallstrom and had the kids in the gavel club sing/ eat cake with me.. Here he is–singing away..

The lower sweater is 100% cashmere.

The black wool sweater is my latest favorite

The details are very pretty, and it’s 100% wool, which you know, scores high in my book.

Frugal and fashion together–oooh what a fun thing. For more of these, check out: Balancing Beauty and Bedlam.

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