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Updated: Feb 20, 2020

We are rounding out the final cool days and heading into spring around here.  It’s kind of that transition time where you want to wear spring colors, but on some days, it’s just too cold.   Joanna made this green/ white necklace to go with my thrifted turtleneck/ sweater combo.  Sweater ($3.99) Turtleneck (1.99)

Here’s another thrifted combo.  I love this jacket.  It is a light-weight stretchy denim with a sweet tie and zipper.  ($2.39) and the orange top ($.49)  and skirt ($6.99)

Jewelry by Joanna.. (of course)  Boots from my mother..  And no, I did not buy them at the same time.  Everything comes in the house one item at a time..  It’s the thrill of putting stuff together that is a fun time for me!

And for our frugal “hack”, I volunteered one of our guests.  This is Lee.  He is an elder at our small church.

Everything he does is found on the pages of his little book.  He is constantly taking notes, writing prayer requests, figuring out whatever he needs to do, or places to be, or people to visit.  He’s a busy guy, and his brain is in this book.  Well, can you imagine the horror he faces when something happens to his little book?  It’s awful, but not insurmountable.  In fact, he didn’t even read a frugal hack blog to figure out how to do this.

That’s right.  When his book got soggy, he replaced the workings with the cardboard from a Raisin Bran box.

Downright brilliant.  Frugal hack times 42!  He gets 42 “organizing mommy points” which can not be redeemed at any store near you.  And of course, this guy is an engineer who thought I was a complete idiot for wanting to put this on my blog.  I assured him that there would plenty of my “fans” who would be thrilled for yet another way to save money and go green at the same time.

And last but not least, frugal entertainment.  There’s nothing that says “free” like a free walk outdoors.

We have this great little place that is near our home, and I’m sure if you look around, you’ll find them around your home also.

Outdoors is free, and it is so good for you.

Just drag those kids of yours off the couch.  Make your husband, kids and friends go with you outside.  Nobody is going to die from a little fresh air.

In fact, they may live a tad longer because of it. 

Or at least have a little fun with what time is left.

What do you think?  Any time for fresh air this week??  


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