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Frugal Fridays.. candle ends

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

So, what do you do with the candles when they still have some great-smelling wax still in them, but the wick is too low to light?  

Here’s what I do.  I make a double boiler by placing a pan of water on the stove on medium heat.  Then I put the glass candle holder in the water to melt the wax.

Once the wax is melted, I dump it into a small crock pot next to the stove.  This pot collects smelly candle-ends.  I make sure to strain out the wick and any “ickys” that are floating in the candle.  I had mostly red and orange candles, so they even look pretty in the pot.

Now, I take a paper towel and wipe out the remains of the candle jar.  See? I’ve already collected four of these this year.  Now… what kind of cool things can I store in these?   Hhhhmmm….  I could get thrifty and pour my own candles.  Or I could put pretty beads or sewing notions.  Or.. playdough?  You see how fun this is.  Happy Thrifting!


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