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Frugal Notions…. lotions!

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

What’s more fun than making mud pies?  making lotion potions.  Today I decided to clean out the stack of half used lotions and combine them with various hotel lotions and “body butter”.  After they are all mixed up by the above lotion potion mixer-helper in super-scientific style, we shove them into new squeeze bottles by using a funnel and the wrong end of a grapefruit spoon.  

Ta-DA!!  This “NEW LOTION” : recipe is top secret even to its creators.  LOL.  

So what’s the advantage of all of this mixing and funneling and shoving?

1. First of all, it’s fun.  

2. It also uses up old stuff, which makes me feel thrifty.

3. Hotel lotions are hard to dispense.  The hard bottles must be cheaper than the soft squeeze tubes.  Squeeze tubes are great fun and easy to use.  

4. You get soft hands in the process. 

I made several travel size tubes, which can be purchased for about $.50 at the local Stuff-mart.  Once I made a big batch of these from all of the millions of hotel lotions that my DH had collected that year  from all of his travels.  I made up cute labels that said “Lotion for praying hands” and mailed them to my mother to give to her Bible study ladies.  They loved it.   

I had several tail-ends of some nice smelling Bath and Body Works stuff, so it all came together nicely.


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