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Updated: Mar 16

Speaking of moving on, the kid is moving on. You know my son, Jamie, Robotdude, the kid who doesn’t realize Abraham drinks organic milk, and that his government teacher is a lot better than his mother.. is actually moving on in this life.

Just this week, we found out his ROTC scholarship for Michigan Tech University came in. He was offered a full-tuition/ full room/ board 4-5 year scholarship. He is still waiting on news about the Air Force Academy, but his Plan B is “locked and loaded” as he said on his facebook account.

The funny thing is that I am quite sure he has NO IDEA how special that is. On Tuesday night, I was talking to Will and he said, “Did Jamie tell you the news?”

“What news?”

“You mean he DIDN’T tell you?”

I had been with him off and on all day at Hallstrom, Gavel Club until the kids had to go to Robotics. It wasn’t exactly a ton of time to talk, but he could have mentioned something, you know.

The only thing I can think of is that he has NO IDEA what this means. How many people live in debt for YEARS over schooling expenses? But that’s O.K. Time will teach him. Getting the scholarship is only half the battle. The next battle is keeping it. He’s chosen a tough school with a good reputation.

I’m still in shell shock. My first child, completely homeschooled, and here we are–getting a full ride scholarship, straight out of high school. Seems rather incredulous to me. Then again, everything God does is that way.

And yes, I had to leave you for the weekend on a happy note.


Post update: This is how we homeschool right now. And it is also why I call myself the world’s laziest homeschooling mother.


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